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Database Administration

From foot to toe…

Dynamics Global IT Solutions offers a full range of database administration services for a wide variety of database products such as Oracle, MS SQL Server, MySQL, MS Access. We provide complete services from installation and configuration of the database software product to back-up and recovery strategy and procedures. We help the client take the risk out of managing their mission critical data. We work with the client to develop an effective database administration strategy based on the business requirements. We structure our database support on a full-time, part-time, or on an 'as-needed' basis depending on the client's business requirements.

At Dynamics Global IT Solutions, We help the client with…

  • Rapid database installation and configuration
  • Expert opinion regarding solutions within time & budget
  • Minimization of risk in managing mission critical data
  • Low cost alternative for on-going database support

The offer…

  • Selecting the right DB - It is the first step in the process of implementing an effective data management strategy. Dynamics Global IT Solutions will save time and money for the client by expert opinion in selecting the best database software available for their specific business requirements.
  • Installation and Configuration - The critical task of DB installation and configuration will be done to perfection by the DB administrators at Dynamics Global IT Solutions.


  • Management and Support - The installation and configuration of DB software is not the end. Dynamics Global IT Solutions help the client further by providing database management and support services on a full-time, part-time, or on an 'as-needed' basis depending on client requirements.
  • Remote Administration - Save Money. Save Time. No Supervision. Dynamics Global IT Solutions is specialized in remote DB administration. Our team of expert DBAs can also be contracted for Remote administration. Provide access to your database system. That's all that is needed.

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